NONLA Vietnamese Street Food

This is how NONLA Vietnamese Street Food in Mattawan came to be:

In April 2015 Kelly & Johnny Nguyen packed their two dogs and drove across the country from San Francisco to Kalamazoo. Except for a break at the end of May to have a baby (Olive), they spent every day over the next couple months painting, building, and cooking at 24050 Front Avenue in Mattawan. On July 7th, after lots of work, laughs, and late nights, they opened the doors to NONLA.

It had seemed crazy. Why move? Why Mattawan? Why that little brick building? Yet to them it made perfect sense. They had seen the building in January when it was dark, empty, and covered in snow. But the Nguyens saw something else, too. The old post office building, which had housed a succession of businesses, put a twinkle in Johnny’s eye: “That is our restaurant.” With those four words the ball was rolling. Bing-bang-boom, they opened and are taking orders.